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Phillumeny — Collecting Match Box Labels

I have a huge collection right from the earliest imports.


labels mbnizam mbl-rani dance6



Thousands of labels. My phillumeny colletion and I am proud of it.

Some of it is visible at



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I enjoy many hobbies. I enjoy nature. I enjoy teaching. I enjoy work. I enjoy my family. I enjoy my friends. I enjoy life.

Let me start with my hobbies.

Stamp collecting is number One. I have huge numbers thousands of rare stamps  and Court fee/ Stamp Papers from India, Princely States, Maharajas as well as all around the world.

Old Stamps are the pride of my collection :

The Penny Black issued in 1840 is the oldest postage stamp in the world. I have a very nice one with a Portsmouth cancellation handstamp dated October 25, 1840. The Red Maltese Cross Cancellation increases the value manifold.


2. In 1852, Sir Bartle Frere , Chief Commissioner of the East India Company issued the Scinde Dawk. This stamp is the most expensive Indian Stamp costing more than many car models. I have all shades Blue, Scarlet and White. Notice the East india Company emblem in the ccentre . The stamp denomination is Half Anna.


3. 1854 Black Swan issued by Western Australia is a nice rare stamp.


4. Cape of Good Hope issued the famous imperforate Triangles. Very Rare Very nice.


5. Four Anna Queen Victoria Four Anna — the  most attractive Indian imperforate. I have around Forty of these stamps. Huge , by any standards.


6. Lithograph from 1854..Half Anna Stamp depicting Ueen Victoria.


7. Stamp Paper from the Princely State of Jaipur. Nice bird painting.


8. Two Rupee Stamp paper from Jodhpur depicting the Maharaja of Jodhpur.


Glimpses of my stamp collection can also be seen at :


NUMISMATICS — The joy of collecting coins

1. Kshatrap coin 2000 years old depicting King Rudrasena of Gujarat.


2. British coins of Queen Victoria are very common


3. Kashmir Queen Didda Rani was very cruel. She installed, sons, brothers, nephews etc as kings for a short period before getting them murdered.  She is shown on Kashmir coins of that period


More about my coins on

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Earliest memories I have are from Pauri Garhwal. I was 3-4 years old.   Anjeer tree, wooded paths, mountains, flowers….


The mountains continue to fascinate me till this date.

Schooling in Mission School Mathura, St Francis Convent, Jhansi (yes, it was co-educational upto Clas-III those days)


and Christ the King High School Jhansi where I completed my 4th standard in 1970.christtheking

The next two schools are in Ghaziabad.

Ingraham Institute Ghaziabad  ingraham

and Holy Child School, Ghaziabadholychild

Mahanagar Boys High School Lucknowmahanagar1 mahanagar

took me to the end of Seventh class in 1973.

CRST Inter college Nainital


recieved my complete academic attention for the next three years. I completed my High School in 1976 securing the First Position in the Kumaon region.

AMU Aligarh


for Pre-University (Silver Medal) in 1977.1965015_298067867011268_1927438915_n

Golden Years were at IIT Delhi 1977-1982.iitd

In 1980 we went on a nice Trek to Pindari Glacier. That is me sitting at the left front.Image

A First Class Degree in Civil Engineering and an exceptionally high GRE score propelled me to the USA for a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering at LSU, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.lsu1 lsu2 lsu3

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Corbett Kaladhungi — The prettiest village in the whole world   Leave a comment


Kaladhungi is a small town located between the tarai and bhabar forest regions with panoramic view of eastern mountains. It is 24kms away from Haldwani and 32kms from Ramnagar. The sight is famously referred to by Jim Corbett’s sister, Maggie as”the prettiest village in the world”.

Jim Corbett established his winter home in Kaladhungi in early twentieth century. Today, this beautiful home is a museum exhibiting souvenirs, relics and mementos of the exploits of Jim Corbett. He purchased 222 acres of this estate for a sum of Rs.1500 and named this estate, Chhoti Haldwani.
‘This small town, whose only claim to fame was an easy route to Nainital underwent a change in destiny half a century ago after the advent of a hunter turned writer & conservationist’ – Jim Corbett.

Kaladhungi is a beautiful hamlet situated at 1300 feet above sea level. Kaladhungi forests are like a home to leopards, tigers, elephants and an incredible diversity of birds. Kaladhungi is a sanctuary for resident and migratory birds like the Babbler, Barbet, Bee-eater, Bittern, Blackbird, Bluethroat, Broadbell, Bunting, Bulbul, Bushchat, Indian Cuckoo, Drango, Goose, Goshawk, Harrier, Heron, Honey-Buzzard and Hornbill. Kaladhungi forests are not restricted to jeeps; you are free to walk around in the forest which is certainly not possible in Jim Corbett National Park.

Main attractions of Kaladhungi are:

  • Corbett falls
  • Jim Corbett museum
  • Chhoti haldwani
  • Corbett canal

You can take a bus from Delhi to Nainital from I.S.B.T. (New Delhi).and Kaladhungi is 34 kilometers distance from Nainital, where you can hire a taxi from bus stand. It’s a beautiful drive from pine trees. Or you can drive directly to Kaladhungi by car.

Corbett’s a Museum


Images from inside the museum




Corbett’s Bust in the foreground


Corbett’s dog ROBIN accompanies the dreaded maneater “The Bachelor”


Some images from nearby walking areas. Abounds instreams, canals, waterfalls, sal forests etc. Simply superb.



The White capped Water Redstart (Chaimarrornis leucocephalus) is a common sighting along the canal and other waterbodies of the region.


Frolicking Langurs (Semnopithecus entellus) are also visible aplenty.


Sluice Gates, Valves and other hydraulic structures representing state of the art hydraulic engineering of the times (1877-1906).



Imposing Sal forests. Call of the buirds, the Jhingurs, the Langur..any thing can happen..even a TIGER.


The 1899 steel bridge on the highway to Ramnagar. Well maintained. Strong to this date.


The road map of the region


More maps


Kaladungi-Kaladhungi-MapEvery one goes to Corbett. Very few people go to Corbett Nagar.

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What a nice medal I got from Glen Stephens in Australia.

and the obverse

The medal is huge.The diameter is two and a quarter inches (5.9 cms) and it weighs around 78 grams.  It is made of Solid Sterling Silver (92.5% purity).

There were only 2500 such medals made and around 100 were sold to the publicc. The remaining are in a museum in Scotland.

Glen sent this photograph of the medal sitting next to a huge Australian Dollar coin for comparison.

The medal has been crafted by the celebrated Spink & Son, Jewellers, London.


The original invoice at that time was for over GBP17.



The weight is 2.48 Troy Ounces which translates to 78 grams approx


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I intend to provide a visual tour of this exhibition.

The Banner inside :





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George VI Dei Gratia Omni Rex Britanniarum Omnium Rex Fidei Defensor, India Imperator

George VI Dei Gratia Britanniarum Omnium Rex Fidei Defensor, India Imperator

I have a great collection of medals. I love holding the old medals in my hand  and savouring the feelings. These medals were awarded to armymen and some bear inscriptions of serial number, name, rank, unit etc. My collection includes medals pertaining to the First World War, medals awarded by British Rulers (George VI)  to Indians and also post independence medals.

Silver Jubilee of Independence

Awarded in 1972

This medal was awarded in 1972 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of independence. Also known as the Silver Jubilee Medal.

One side bears the Ashoka Lion symbol alongwith inscriptions in Hindi and English. The obverse side dopicts the spoked wheel (Ashok Chakra) along with the years 1947 on top and 1972 on bottom.

This exercise was repeated in 1997 when another  medal was awarded to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of independence. The medal this time had the Red Fort depoicted on one side alongwith inscription in English. The Hindi inscription alongwith the map of India was depicted on the obverse side.

Awarded in 1997

Awarded in 1997

50th anniversary of independence

Defence Medal awarded by George VI in 1945 continues to fascinate.

India Service Medal- George VI - 1945

WW-II Campaign Medal- George VI - 1945

The Lion vanquishing the Dragon is a famous medal awarded by George VI (King Emperor by the Grace of God). I often gaze fondly at this medal as different images from that age fill my head…

All medals awarded by George VI have the latin legend inscribed. The phrase was used on British coins and is short for Georgius VI Dei gratia Britanniarum omnium rex, fidei defensor, India imperator. It is Latin and in English it means: George VI, by the grace of God, King of all Britains [sic], defender of the faith, Emperor of India.

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